Insultainer 22.5


Model Inches Imp. Gal. Litres US Gal.
Insultainer 22.5 PDF 48 3/4" x 43 1/2" x 34" 140 638 168


- Full length 3 – position UHMW wear strips
- Custom color
- Reinforced fork entry slots for rotation
- Name plate for two sides
- Tare weight and Bin No. on two sides
- Food grade government approved polyethylene material
- CFC free foam R18 +Insulation
- Deep side overlap lids do not require tie downs
- Stacks with or without cover
- Available with or without drains
- Custom accessories available

Custom Colours

If you need a custom colour to set your product apart, we can colour match your existing containers or establish a unique colour for your products.