Vertical Square Tank (VSQ's)

Uses the least square footage for volume and fits into standard door way.


Model Inches Imp. Gal. Litres US Gal.
VSQ 333 PDF 42 1/2" L x 32 1/2" W x 79 1/4" 333 1514 400
VSQ 2500 PDF 88" L x 100 3/4" W x 83" H 2500 11365 3002


•Corrosion and chemical resistant
•Rugged impact resistant polyethylene
•Outstanding resistance against deterioration from Ultra-Violet light
•One piece seamless construction
•Comes standard with vented lid and outlet fitting
•Semi-transparent for level indication
•Food grade government approved
•Repairable polyethylene
•Common uses include the storage of fertilizer solutions, agricultural chemicals, water, liquid feeds, plant foods and liquid food products.
•NSF 61 – for safe storage of potable water

Custom Colours

If you need a custom colour to set your product apart, we can colour match your existing containers or establish a unique colour for your products.